Now even easier to use leavemaster2.0

Now even easier to use

We’ve enhanced LeaveMaster to make it even quicker and easier to book, record and manage all types of leave and absence.

Version 2.0
Get an instant overview of leave overview_of_leave

Get an instant overview of leave

LeaveMaster 2.0’s user-friendly dashboard shows you at-a-glance how much leave you have taken and how many days you have remaining for each leave type.

Version 2.0
Reduce employee absenteeism bradford_factor

Reduce employee absenteeism

Deter staff from taking unwarranted sick days by creating a permanent, irrefutable record of sick leave for all employees, including their ongoing Bradford Factor score.

Version 2.0
Empower employees to book their holidays online leave_management_workflow

Empower employees to book their holidays online

Improve morale by allowing your employees to plan and request their days off using a fast and efficient, automated online system.

Version 2.0
See whos away today img_3

See who’s away today

LeaveMaster 2.0. includes an invaluable who’s off today feature that tells you who is absent in your organisation.

Version 2.0
Minimise the impact of staff absence leavemaster_Calendar

Minimise the impact of staff absence

Maintain high levels of productivity and customer service during popular holiday periods by efficiently managing your resources and avoiding leaving teams and key functions under-staffed.

Version 2.0

The Fast, Fuss-Free Way To Manage Employee Leave

  • Establishes a single system for applying for leave across your organisation.
  • Speeds up and streamlines your entire leave management process.
  • Substantially reduces the time you need to spend on holiday administration.
  • Eliminates the costly errors typically associated with manual holiday booking systems.
  • Accurately records and monitors all types of employee leave and absence, including holidays, training days and sick days.
  • Enables you to produce reports highlighting absenteeism patterns and trends.
  • Automatically calculates the ongoing Bradford Factor score for every employee.
  • Can be accessed by employees wherever they are, any time or day of the week.
  • Integrates easily with your Outlook calendar.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Windows Active Directory.
  • Simple to set up, requires minimal user training and fully IT supported.

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Case Studies

UAV Engines Ltd sped up and streamlined its leave management process by replacing its cumbersome, paper-based holiday booking system with LeaveMaster.


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In looking for a web-based leave management system to implement across the company, we chose LeaveMaster as it’s simple to set up and required very little user training, but is packed with time-saving features.

Nathan Bailey
Operations Manager - UAV Engines Ltd


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