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LeaveMaster establishes an accurate, indisputable record of leave and absence for every employee in your organisation, including their latest Bradford Factor score, giving you a critical tool for tackling the costly problem of absenteeism.

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Beat absenteeism with the Bradford Factor and LeaveMaster

The Bradford Factor is a unique formula that enables you to identify employees whose “little and often” absences are damaging your business.

By giving each of your employees a rating based on the number and length of their absences, it enables you to differentiate between employees on legitimate sick leave and those who are disrupting your business by taking too many ‘sickies.’

Its calculation,: E x E x D, where E is the number of episodes of absence and D the total number of days absent, gives a rating to each employee based on the number and length of their absences over a rolling 52 week period; with employees with many short leaves penalized more than those with a small number of long-term absences.

So if an employee is off for 10 straight days on long-term sick leave, but this is their only episode of absence in a year, their Bradford Factor will only be 10:

1 x 1 x 10 = 10

But if another employee takes a one-off sick day on ten different occasions over a year, their Bradford Factor will be 1000:

10 x10 x 10 = 1000

This would highlight the need to address the situation with the employee.

How does The Bradford Factor reduce absenteeism?

As well as providing managers and HR departments with clear evidence of absenteeism, the Bradford Factor deters employees from taking unwarranted sick days.

Knowing it will give them a high Bradford Factor score, staff are discouraged from calling in sick when they’re not really ill, especially if their organisation has a “trigger” system in place whereby mandatory action is taken against employees whose score reaches a certain level.

Why use LeaveMaster to calculate the Bradford Factor?

Calculating the Bradford Factor manually or using a spreadsheet, for every employee across an organisation, is cumbersome, complicated and laborious.

And to be effective as a deterrent and if the statistics are to be used in disciplinary hearings, the process for calculating the Bradford Factor needs to be full-proof and the data indisputable. But the exponential nature of the formula means that even the smallest mistake can double or triple an employee’s score, leading to unwarranted disciplinary action and a possible loss of confidence in the system.

To free you of the burdensome administration time and potential for error that comes with calculating the Bradford Factor manually, LeaveMaster automatically calculates the ongoing Bradford Factor score for every employee in your organisation for you; even intuitively taking into account non-working days such as weekends and bank holidays.

To help you beat absenteeism, LeaveMaster:

  • Automatically updates an employee’s Bradford Factor whenever they call in sick
  • Shows you at a glance how many sick days each employee has taken and their up-to-date Bradford Factor score
  • Deters employees from taking “sickies” by allowing them to keep track of their latest Bradford Factor score
  • Enables you to proactively warn staff who are about to exceed their Bradford Factor limit
  • Provides an irrefutable record of absenteeism that’s calculated in the same way for every employee
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