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As discussed in previous blogs this week, the Bradford Factor is a powerful tool for tackling absenteeism as it enables you to identify employees whose “little and often” absences are damaging your business and deters staff from taking unwarranted sick days.

But why should you get a leave management solution such as LeaveMaster to automatically-calculate the formula for you? Why not calculate it manually?

Calculating the ongoing Bradford Factor score for every employee in your organisation, either manually or using a spreadsheet, would be time-consuming, complicated and highly labour-intensive, with each employee’s score having to be re-calculated every time they called in sick.
To be effective as a deterrent and for the Bradford Factor statistics to be used in disciplinary hearings, the process for calculating the formula would also have to be fool-proof and the data indisputable. But if you were to mistakenly put the wrong number of episodes of absence into the equation, the exponential nature of the formula would mean that an employee’s Bradford Factor score could be doubled or even tripled, resulting in unwarranted disciplinary action against the employee and a loss in confidence in the system.

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We announced yesterday that LeaveMaster now automatically calculates the ongoing Bradford Factor score for every employee in your organisation. But what is the Bradford Factor and how does it help you reduce absenteeism?

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We’re delighted to announce that LeaveMaster now automatically calculates the ongoing Bradford Factor score for every employee in your organisation for you; even intuitively taking into account non-working days such as weekends and bank holidays.

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As employees plan the leave they wish to take this year and begin to put in holiday requests, making sure that personnel who perform the same, or similar, business-critical functions spread out their leave and do not book holidays at the same time will be imperative.

An invaluable feature of LeaveMaster is that it allows you to see at a glance who in your company has booked leave, or will be otherwise absent, and when, so you can make informed decisions before authorising staff leave and avoid leaving business-critical functions under-staffed.

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With the freezing weather finally abating, employees’ thoughts are no doubt turning to planning and booking their summer holidays, and line managers and HR departments could soon find themselves hit by a deluge of holiday applications.

Implement an automated, web-based system for recording and monitoring leave, such as LeaveMaster, in your organisation, and you can substantially reduce the amount of time that staff, managers and HR professionals in your company spend on holiday administration in 2010 and prevent a pile of unprocessed holiday applications from building up.

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According to an article  in HR Magazine, over two million British employees took a sick day following their office Christmas party in December 2008, at a cost to the UK economy of £216 million.

A third of the employees who called in sick were honest about the reason for their absence, while almost a quarter claimed they couldn’t come in because they were suffering from flu, with food poisoning and migraines amongst other popular excuses.

By creating a permanent, online record of sick leave for all members of staff, including their ongoing Bradford Factor score, LeaveMaster acts as a powerful deterrent against unwarranted absenteeism.

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It’s been revealed that social workers in Birmingham take an average of nearly twenty-five days off sick a year, the equivalent of almost five working weeks and almost three-and-a-half times the national average for all industries. Meanwhile, separate research has shown that 10% of national social workers take more than 20 days of sick leave per year.

As discussed in earlier blogs, the astute way to ensure that absenteeism doesn’t reach a critical level in your organisation is to implement a powerful leave and absence management solution, such as LeaveMaster.

LeaveMaster helps you tackle absenteeism by establishing an irrefutable record of sick leave for every employee and enabling you to identify costly absenteeism patterns and trends that you may otherwise have overlooked.

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According to a report  by recruitment outsourcing company Elemense, employees under 35 are twice as likely as their older colleagues to call in sick during the winter months.

However, employee absence rates are typically high across all age groups at this time of year, as staff call in sick with colds and flu or are discouraged from coming into work because of the cold weather, with the problem exacerbated this year by the severe weather conditions.

If your absence rates are unusually high during the winter months, with too many of your employees calling in sick, the cure could be to implement a leave and absence management solution like LeaveMaster.

By automatically calculating the ongoing Bradford Factor score for every employee in your organisation for you and showing you at a glance how many sick days each of your employees has had, LeaveMaster acts as a powerful deterrent to absenteeism and allows you to identify and take action against employees who have been taking too many “sickies”.

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New research has revealed that more than half of the sick days taken by UK employees every year are not legitimate.

A study   of almost two thousand UK employees found that when an employee calls in sick, they only believe they are physically unable to perform their work duties 46% of the time.

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We are pleased to begin the new year with the news that renowned Internet design galleries are now showcasing LeaveMaster’s innovative, cutting-edge designs.

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