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Using LeaveMaster, you can book and approve time off and keep track of who’s in and who’s out of the office, quickly, easily and efficiently. It gives everyone in your company access to a fast and fuss-free online system.

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Implement LeaveMaster in your organization and you can expect to receive an exceptional return on your investment, as LeaveMaster not only helps you reduce absenteeism, but also substantially cuts the amount of time that your employees, managers and HR professionals need to spend on making, processing and recording leave requests.

We’ve calculated that, by using LeaveMaster, a company with 200 employees can reduce its leave processing costs by as much as 96%, and can reduce its overall leave and absence costs by almost 50%.

By why not call us on 0800 33 456 30 and we’ll give you an estimate of the exceptional return on investment your organisation will enjoy using LeaveMaster.

LeaveMaster is a powerful tool for tackling the costly problem of staff absenteeism as it creates a permanent, indisputable record of sick leave for every employee in your organisation, and automatically-calculates your employees’ ongoing Bradford Factor scores; deterring absenteeism and allowing you to easily identify, and take action against, members of staff whose absences are costing your business.

We’ve estimated that, by using LeaveMaster in conjunction with the Bradford Factor, an organisation with 200 employees can reduce its sickness absence costs by over 25% (based on an absenteeism rate of 2.8% and absenteeism costs of £134,400 using a manual absence management system, and an absenteeism rate of 2% and absenteeism costs of £96,000 using LeaveMaster in conjunction with the Bradford Factor).

To find out more about reducing your sickness absence costs using LeaveMaster and the Bradford Factor, click here.

In an informative article on sickness management in hrmagazine.co.uk, Pamela Gellatly, Chief Executive of Healthcare RM, has stated that collecting and analysing sickness data should be a key part of any organisation's business management strategy.
Encouraging organisations to minimise the impact of staff sickness by taking a more active approach to sickness management, she proposes in the article that the collation and analysis of data should be one of the foundation stones of any organisation’s attendance management policy.

One of the key benefits of LeaveMaster is that it enables you to easily and accurately collect and analyse data on all forms of employee leave and absence, include holidays, training days and sick days.

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In response to two European Court of Justice rulings, the UK government has published new guidance   for both employers and employees on paid holiday and sick leave.
The combined effect of the two rulings (Vicente Pereda v Madrid Movilidad SA and Stringer v HMRC) is that employees who fall ill during a period of scheduled annual leave may now be able to rearrange their leave for a later date; even if that means carrying untaken leave over to the following year.

Although the new legislation will mean that employees who become sick while on holiday will be able to recover from illness without missing out on annual leave, this could also place a huge administrative burden on employers.

The most efficient and effective way to keep track of employee leave and manage absence in the light of the ECJ rulings is to implement an accurate, automated leave management system, such as LeaveMaster, in your organisation.

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As discussed in yesterday’s blog, LeaveMaster’s shared leave calendar allows managers and staff to see at-a-glance who has booked leave in your organisation and when they are going to be away.

But did you know that the leave calendar can be viewed in two different, but equally time-saving ways?

LeaveMaster’s Calendar View feature displays who is going to be away, and when, in your organisation, on an Outlook-style calendar. You can either get an instant overview of who has booked leave in your company during any specific month of the year, with all booked leaves and the leave types, as well as public and company holidays, displayed Outlook-style on the calendar. Or you can see who is due to be away in your organisation, and details of the type of leave booked, on any specific day of the year.

LeaveMaster’s Planner View feature displays a colour-coded chart that shows you, on a month-by-month basis, when specific team members or work colleagues have booked leave during the year. This feature is particularly useful for planning holidays, as it allows employees to see when other members of their team are going to be away, so they can avoid requesting leave on the same days and increase their chances of having their holiday authorised.

For more information about LeaveMaster’s time and cost-saving features, click here.

For many employees, their annual leave entitlement is second only to their salary as their main “perk” of the job. As a result, if an employee wishes to take time off during a traditionally busy time of the year for the company, or during a popular holiday period when personnel who perform similar functions may also be away, their line manager can be faced with a difficult decision.

Do they authorise the leave and risk leaving their team or business-critical functions under-staffed, or do they turn down the leave request and risk demotivating the employee, who may simply call in sick on the days they wished to take off anyway?

LeaveMaster takes the guesswork out of the process by giving everyone in your organisation access to a shared leave calendar that shows you, at-a-glance, who has booked leave, and when they are going to be away.

So whenever an employee puts in a leave request, rather than going on a “gut feeling” about whether the employee will be needed, you can see who else in the organisation is going to be away during the requested leave period and make an informed decision about whether to grant or deny the leave.

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According to a new sickness absence survey a third of all the sick days that are taken annually by UK employees are spent playing videogames.

In a poll of almost two thousand workers, 24% of the men surveyed, and 5% of the women, admitted that they have spent a sick day playing videogames. 14% of the men also confessed that they have no qualms about feigning illness in order to take the day off on Videogame release days.

By showing you at a glance how many sick days each of your employees has taken, as well as their ongoing Bradford Factor score, LeaveMaster enables you to identify staff who regularly feign illness in order to play the latest versions of Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto .

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It’s not only quick and easy to book time off using LeaveMaster, cancelling leave couldn’t be any more effortless either, requiring no more than a few clicks of the mouse.

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Did you know that, using LeaveMaster, you can get an instant overview of all your leave requests for the current year and see the status of each request at a glance?

LeaveMaster’s invaluable Leave Status feature provides you with a complete list of all your leave requests for the current year. You can see the start and end date of each leave request, as well as the number of days you have asked to take off for each period of leave and the type of leave requested.

For each leave request, you can also see whether the leave has been approved or rejected, or is still pending authorisation from your line manager.

For more information about LeaveMaster’s time and cost-saving features, click here.

Holiday administration can be labour-intensive and time-consuming and, if staff and managers are wasting time filling out and filing holiday forms rather than focusing on business critical tasks, it can also be detrimental to productivity.

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