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It’s been estimated that a combination of the hot weather and the fact that World Cup matches are taking place in the afternoons could cost British businesses millions of pounds.
Recruitment firm Badenoch and Clarke has calculated that staff calling in sick, or not returning to the office after lunch, in order to enjoy the sunshine or the football, could cost UK employers a total of £147million.
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UK companies could experience a bout of post-recession sickness absence, the editor of Occupational Health magazine has claimed.

Talking on Personnel Today’s weekly podcast, Noel O'Reilly suggested that, as the economy picks up and fears over job security lessen, staff will be less worried about taking sick days and, as a result, sickness absence levels could rise.

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According to a survey   conducted by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), fears that the World Cup would cause employees to be unproductive or absent from work have so far proved unfounded.

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With July and August just weeks away, employees across the country are no doubt busy planning and booking their summer holidays, while line managers and HR departments are having to deal with a deluge of summer holiday requests.

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 Managers and HR professionals face World Cup challenge

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup now underway and many games kicking off on weekday afternoons, line managers and HR professionals will need to perform a delicate balancing act over the next month.

The challenge will be to ensure good employee attendance, motivation and performance in the office, whilst not demotivating staff and prompting unwarranted absences, which, for example, may happen if a blanket ban is placed on watching games during work hours.

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As the 2010 FIFA World Cup finally kicks off, Acas has become the latest organisation to issue guidelines designed to help employers get the best from employees and avoid absence during the tournament.

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Although absenteeism rates are typically much higher in public organisations than in privately owned companies, a new TUC report   has found that public sector staff are actually more likely to come into work when ill than their private-sector counterparts.

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