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Using LeaveMaster, you can book and approve time off and keep track of who’s in and who’s out of the office, quickly, easily and efficiently. It gives everyone in your company access to a fast and fuss-free online system.

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In a post last week, we revealed how easy it is to add new teams or departments to LeaveMaster. In today’s blog, we’d like to discuss how you can quickly and easily create new user types.

Using LeaveMaster’s User Roles feature, you, or your Systems Administrator, can define which types of user in your organisation have access to LeaveMaster. Examples of user types include employees, administrators, line managers and senior managers. However, you can create any user type you want.

You simply go to the Systems Administration section of LeaveMaster and choose User Roles. A list of all current user types in your organisation will appear in your browser and to add a new user type, you simply click on Add New Role.

You can then use the Permissions feature to define which aspects of LeaveMaster different user types in your organisation have permission to use and to define what each user type can and can not do within the solution.

You can find out more about LeaveMaster’s powerful features here.

In an earlier blog, we discussed how you can use LeaveMaster to get an instant overview of all leave and absence in a particular team or department.

But what if you want to monitor leave and absence in a team or department that has only recently been formed and is not currently included in LeaveMaster?

Using the Departments feature, you, or your systems administrator, can add the new team or department in seconds.

You simply go to the Systems Administration section, click on Add New Department, fill in the department name, description and Head of Department fields and click on save.

You can then use LeaveMaster’s powerful reporting features to generate leave summary reportswho is off reportsBradford Factor reports  and more for that team or department.

Find out more about LeaveMaster’s invaluable features and functionality.

Did you know you can change the look of LeaveMaster and re-brand so that it matches your organisation’s corporate image?

Using Page Objects, you or your systems administrator can quickly and easily add your organisation’s logo to LeaveMaster and customise the look of the solution so that it follows your brand guidelines and identity.

To find out more about customising the look of LeaveMaster, call us on: 0800 33 456 30 or Contact Us.