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Using LeaveMaster, you can book and approve time off and keep track of who’s in and who’s out of the office, quickly, easily and efficiently. It gives everyone in your company access to a fast and fuss-free online system.

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Although UK employers are not obliged by law to give staff an extra day’s holiday as a result of the Royal Wedding, nine out of ten companies will be letting their employees take Friday off.

According to a survey  conducted by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP), 88% of employers are treating 29 April as an extra bank holiday.

Using LeaveMaster, it couldn't be quicker or easier to add Friday’s extra bank holiday to your company's calendar. All you need to do is go to LeaveMaster’s Company Holidays section, click on Add New Holiday for 2011 and add the 29 April as a bank holiday.

The extra holiday will then automatically be added to your company’s leave calendar, which everyone in your organisation can view.

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Despite some early reservations  amongst doctors and employers, the government’s fit note scheme does seem to have had a positive impact on absenteeism by helping employees get back to work.

Launched a year ago, the fit note scheme was designed to help employees, who would otherwise be off on long-term sick leave, return to work in some capacity by allowing their GPs to say which aspects of their jobs they can still perform.
According to a study  conducted by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), 70% of British GPs believe fit notes have helped their patients make a phased return to work. 61% of GPs also somewhat or completely agree that fit notes have improved the quality of their discussions with patients about returning to work.

The most effective way to target and reduce absenteeism in your organisation is to implement an absence management solution such as LeaveMaster.

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We’ve put together a short video that demonstrates LeaveMaster’s powerful features and functionality.

The animated video shows you how to use LeaveMaster to quickly and easily book holidays, manage and monitor any type of leave and absence, reduce absenteeism using the Bradford Factor and more.

You can view the video on You Tube here.

Did you know LeaveMaster’s shared leave calendar has multiple viewing options? This allows everyone in your organisation to both get a broad overview of all company-wide leave, on a day-to-day and month-to-month basis, and to see when specific team members or work colleagues are due to be away.

Using LeaveMaster’s Outlook-style Calendar View, employees can see exactly who in the company is going to be away, and when, during any month of the year or on any day of the year, together with details of the type of leave booked.

Alternatively, employees can see when specific members of staff have booked leave during the year using LeaveMaster’s colour-coded Planner View.

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