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The fit note system has not been effective in reducing unwarranted sickness absence in UK organisations, a survey has revealed.

Introduced in April 2010,  the fit note scheme was supposed to reduce absence levels by letting GPs tell employers which aspects of their jobs employees who would otherwise be off on sick leave can still perform.

However, in a survey conducted by XpertHR, employers expressed little confidence in the fit note system and over 50% of those surveyed said that the scheme had not been effective in reducing the unwarranted sickness absence rate in their organisation.

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According to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), more than a fifth of UK employers do not monitor and record sickness absence.

The DWP have released the findings from a quantitative survey entitled Health and well-being at work: a survey of employers.

A quarter of employers surveyed for the report said that sickness absence was a real barrier to productivity in their organisation. However, two out of every ten employers admitted they did not have a system in place for recording staff sick days.

The survey also found that, in general, large employers are more likely to have a higher incidence of sickness absence than medium-sized and small employers.

You can download the full results of the DWP survey here.

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We revealed in a blog last week that Acas has urged UK employers to communicate leave and absence management policies for the 2012 London Olympic Games now, in order to reduce the risk of unauthorised absence next year.

The employment relations service’s concerns have been borne out by research conducted by Badenoch & Clark.

The recruitment consultants questioned 1,000 office workers about next year’s Olympic Games and one in six (15.7%) admitted they would consider taking a sickie to watch Olympic events.

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There is still a year to go before the start of the 2012 London Olympic Games, but Acas has urged UK employers to start planning for the event.

The employment relations service has advised employers to communicate leave and absence management policies for the Games now: in order to reduce the risk of unauthorised absence during the Games and ensure employees who have tickets or are volunteering get their holiday requests in early.

You can read Acas’ guidance for employers here.

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