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When an employee takes a sick day, it has a negative impact on other members of staff, an absence survey has found.

Conducted by Harris Interactive and published by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated, the survey examines how the rest of the workforce is affected when employees take sick days.

51% of employees polled for the survey said they were negatively affected when their colleagues called in sick.

A high percentage of the surveyed employees said colleagues’ sick days affected them because they had to take on the workload of absent members of staff, while many others said that when colleagues called in sick, their stress levels increased.

By using LeaveMaster in conjunction with the Bradford Factor, you can identify which employees in your organisation are increasing the workloads of other members of staff and damaging productivity by taking unwarranted sick days.

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According to new research, employers who provide line managers with absence management training can significantly reduce the level of absence in their organisation.

The research was conducted by XpertHR who found that when line managers are given absence management training, they have the confidence to tackle staff absence proactively. As a result, the organisation’s absence rate can be reduced by as much as two-thirds.

Implement LeaveMaster and your line managers will have all the tools and up-to-the-minute data they need to tackle unwarranted absenteeism in your organisation and reduce your sickness absence rates.

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According to research conducted by Mercer and sponsored by Kronos, absences that are unscheduled and have not been approved ahead of time by a line manager cost organisations more than 5% of their payroll.

Mercer surveyed 276 organisations from all major industry segments for the research. They found that the average total costs of incidental unplanned absences, such as staff sick days, amount to 5.8% of payroll.

Mercer also found that when employees take unscheduled absences organisations experience an average net loss of productivity of 19% per day.

You can reduce your sickness absence costs by over 25% by using LeaveMaster in conjunction with the Bradford Factor.

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A new survey has found that China has the world’s highest rate of unwarranted staff absenteeism.

The survey was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of the Workforce Institute at Kronos and looked at which regions around the world have the highest rates of absenteeism.

71% of surveyed employees in China admitted that they had called in sick when they were not actually ill. This compares to 62% in India, 58% in Australia, 52% in both the US and Canada, 43% in the UK and only 16% in France.

Many of the respondents who admitted to faking illness said that, after calling in sick, they had simply stayed at home and watched TV, stayed in bed or met up with friends and relatives.

By using LeaveMaster in conjunction with the Bradford Factor, you can significantly reduce the level of unwarranted sickness absence in your organisation.

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