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Using LeaveMaster, you can book and approve time off and keep track of who’s in and who’s out of the office, quickly, easily and efficiently. It gives everyone in your company access to a fast and fuss-free online system.

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Implement LeaveMaster and you could see a significant rise in productivity levels across your organisation.

That’s because if you are still using a paper-based or spreadsheet system to record and manage leave and absence your staff and managers may be wasting substantial amounts of time and money: filling in holiday forms, processing leave requests, recording staff absences and calculating leave balances.

However, if you implement LeaveMaster your employees, managers and HR professionals will be able to make, process and record leave requests quickly and efficiently using an automated online system: substantially reducing the amount of time they spend on holiday administration and freeing them up to focus on improving your bottom line.

In fact, we’ve estimated that, using LeaveMaster, it takes half the time for an employee to make a leave request than it does using a traditional paper-based system. In addition, LeaveMaster cuts the time line managers spend on processing leave requests by as much as two-thirds and eliminates the need to re-calculate leave balances every time an employee is away.

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British small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) will lose £3.4 billion over the next six months as a result of employees calling in sick, a research study has found.

The study was conducted by the online market research agency Opinium who questioned the owners of small and medium-sized businesses about the number of sick days they lose in a year.

The owners surveyed for the study estimated that they collectively lose 63 million days a year through sickness absence, with two thirds of these days lost during the winter: when high numbers of staff typically call in sick with colds and flu.

By using LeaveMaster in conjunction in with the Bradford Factor, you can reduce the level of sickness absence in your organisation by identifying members of staff who have been habitually taking unwarranted sick days.

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Nearly half of Britain’s working professionals failed to take their full holiday entitlement last year, a survey has found.

The survey was conducted by the recruitment consultancy Robert Walters, who polled more than 1,700 professionals.

Only 53% of the UK respondents who were surveyed for the poll said they used up their full annual leave allowance last year. 23% of UK respondents took approximately 75% of their holiday allowance, 6% took only half of their entitlement, 7% took only a quarter and 11% took no holiday at all.

Implement LeaveMaster and everyone in your organisation will be able to see at a glance exactly how many days holiday they have taken during the year and how much of their entitlement they have remaining.

Your employees will be able to make sure they use up their full allowance, while your managers will be able to accurately keep track of staff holidays and ensure employees do not take more holiday than they are entitled to.

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In a blog last week, we discussed the results of  a global workforce survey, which found that more than 50% of employees are negatively affected when their colleagues take a sick day.

Yet although the survey found that unwarranted sick days damage productivity in organisations around the world, the same survey found that less than 50% of companies use an automated system to track and record staff absences.

When asked if their employers use an automated system to keep track of absences, only 45% of the global employees polled for the survey responded yes, while 31% responded no and 19% said they didn't know.

The advantage of using an automated system, such as LeaveMaster, to record staff absences is that line managers and HR professionals can see at a glance how many sick days each employee has had. This makes it easier to identify employees who habitually take unwarranted sick days than if a note of absences is made manually or on a spreadsheet or not at all.

As LeaveMaster keeps accurate, up-to-the-minute records of staff sick days, managers and HR professionals also have access to irrefutable absence data, which can be used in disciplinary hearings. Managers can also use the data collected in the solution to create reports that show absenteeism patterns and trends across their organisation.

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