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Using LeaveMaster, you can book and approve time off and keep track of who’s in and who’s out of the office, quickly, easily and efficiently. It gives everyone in your company access to a fast and fuss-free online system.

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Implement LeaveMaster in your company and your staff could work more efficiently and productively in 2012.

LeaveMaster allows you to identify employees who routinely taking non-genuine sick days. As it accurately monitors and records sickness absence, LeaveMaster also deters staff from taking unwarranted sick days in the first place. As a result, if you implement LeaveMaster you can significantly reduce your absence levels, which will mean your overall productivity levels will rise.

As LeaveMaster shows you at-a-glance who’s going to be in and who’s going to be out of your office throughout the year, you can also use it to efficiently manage your resources and staff holidays. That means you can maintain high levels of productivity by ensuring key personnel don’t book holidays at the same time and that teams or key functions are never under-staffed.

And as it automates your entire holiday booking process, LeaveMaster additionally helps staff and managers work more efficiently and productively, as they do not have to waste time completing holiday forms. Instead, they can book and approve holidays in seconds and are then free to focus on business critical activities.

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According to the findings of a new survey replacing doctor’s sick notes with fit notes has failed to reduce levels of employee absence.

The fit note scheme was designed to reduce absenteeism by letting doctors say which aspects of jobs employees who would otherwise be off sick can still perform.

In a survey conducted by the CIPD and Simplyhealth, 87% of employers said they had used fit notes in their organisations. However, less than a third said they felt that fit notes had helped line managers manage absence more effectively, and only one in ten employers said that using fit notes had reduced absence in their organisation.

A more effective way to reduce absenteeism in your organisation is to use an absent management solution like LeaveMaster in conjunction with the Bradford Factor.

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As part of the recent CIPD absence management survey UK employers were asked to rank the five most common causes of short term absence in their organisation.

The majority of employers stated that the main cause of short-term absence in their organisation was minor illnesses such as colds, flu, stomach upsets and headaches.

However, more than 20% of the surveyed employers claimed that non-genuine sickness absence ranked among the top five most common causes of absence in their company.

And the employers admitted that by addressing the problem of unwarranted sickness absence they could significantly improve productivity in their company.

By using LeaveMaster in conjunction with the Bradford Factor, you can identify employees who take non-genuine sick days and reduce the level of unwarranted absenteeism in your organisation.

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According to a report published by Bupa, HR staff are suffering from rising stress levels as a result of staff absenteeism.

Bupa surveyed 100 HR professionals for the report. Over 70% of those surveyed said that employee absenteeism in December would have implications for their HR team.

28% admitted that staff absence is causing rising stress levels amongst their HR staff, while 20% said they have to spend considerably more time than usual in December looking for freelancers and temporary staff to cover for absent employees.

However, more than 40% of the surveyed HR professionals said they believed their organisation experienced high absenteeism levels in December because of staff overindulgence or illness resulting from overindulgence, rather than because employees were genuinely sick.

You can reduce the level of unwarranted absenteeism in your organisation by using LeaveMaster in conjunction with the Bradford Factor.

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