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Using LeaveMaster, you can book and approve time off and keep track of who’s in and who’s out of the office, quickly, easily and efficiently. It gives everyone in your company access to a fast and fuss-free online system.

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If you still require your employees to fill out and file paperwork in order to request time off, there is the constant danger that holiday forms will be completed incorrectly or will be mislaid.

If that happens, the employee’s leave will not be properly recorded, resulting in a difference of opinion between the employee and their line manager over the amount of holiday the employee has booked and the number of days they are still entitled to take. Valuable time is then lost while a reconciliation exercise is carried out.

Using a paper-based system, it can also be all too easy for a line manager to incorrectly calculate the amount of annual leave an employee still has left to take in a calendar year. As a result, employees can end up either taking more days off in a year than they are supposed to, or take less than their entitled amount.

By switching from a paper-based system for booking and authorising staff holidays
to a web-based system such as LeaveMaster, you can eliminate these costly holiday admin errors.

To book time off using LeaveMaster, rather than filling out and filing holiday forms, employees simply log into an easy-to-use, web-based application and request their leave online.

Each employee’s holiday request can be authorised or denied by their line manager at the click of a button. And, if approved, the leave is then added to a leave calendar, which allows everyone in the office to see who has booked leave and when.

Because LeaveMaster eliminates holiday paperwork, automatically calculates leave balances and shows you precisely how many days of their annual allowance each employee has taken and how many days they have remaining, there is no danger of holiday forms ever being lost or of employees taking more time off than they are supposed to.

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Employees believe that advances in technology will make it harder for them to call in sick if they are not really ill, a survey has found.

The study was conducted by the recruitment agency Office Angels. More than a third (35%) of the employees polled for the survey admitted that the introduction of absent management technology will make pulling a sickie more difficult.

This figure rose to 50% for employees working in the arts and culture sector, 48% for staff in sales and marketing and 46% for employees who work in HR.

LeaveMaster is a powerful leave and absent management software solution that was built using cutting-edge technologies. By using it in conjunction with the Bradford Factor, you can significantly reduce the amount of sickies your employees take.

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According to a new research report absence management procedures in many organisations are ineffective and out of date.

Prepared by Ellipse, the group risk insurer, and Professor Cary Cooper and entitled Sick Notes, the report claims that current approaches to absence management are not working, with sick employees routinely getting lost in organisations’ HR systems and sickness absence frequently handled by employees who are not best equipped to deal with it.

The report also found in that nearly half of organisations, absence procedures are not followed at all.

Built using leading-edge technologies, LeaveMaster allows you to accurately and efficiently record and monitor all types of employee leave and absence.

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When you implement LeaveMaster, everyone in your organisation will find it effortless to use as we developed the software using our industry-leading expertise.

We have extensive experience of developing customised software solutions that have enhanced the operations, sped up the business processes and improved the productivity and efficiency of organisations around the world.

We used this expertise and experience to create a powerful leave and absence management solution that substantially reduces the amount of time and effort employees, managers and HR professionals have to spend on holiday administration.

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