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A supermarket employee who pretended to be ill in order to go on holiday with her friends, was caught  red-handed when she ran into her boss at the holiday resort.

The employee was unable to get time off work, so she feigned illness and took a week of sick leave so that she could go to Magaluf in Spain with her friends. However, when she arrived at the holiday resort, she discovered that her boss was staying in the same apartment block as her.

She later found out that she had booked the holiday at the same travel agent as her manager.

By using LeaveMaster in conjunction with the Bradford Factor, you can identify members of staff who are costing your business by routinely taking unwarranted sick days.

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Less than a quarter of all British employers know the costs of staff absenteeism, a survey has found.

The survey was conducted by employers’ body EEF and Westfield Health. It found that just 22% of UK firms measure the direct cost of sickness absence. As a result, the EEF has committing itself to developing a template for businesses that will help them to calculate the costs of absenteeism.

We’ve estimated that, by using LeaveMaster in conjunction with the Bradford Factor, you can reduce your sickness absence costs by over 25%.

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According to the findings of a research report each bank holiday in the UK costs the economy £2.3 billion.

Published by the Centre for Economics and Business Research, the report also states that scrapping bank holidays in the UK would boost annual output by £19 billion.

However, these figures have been called into question by an impact assessment prepared by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, which assessed the impact that the recent bank holiday on June 5 had on the UK economy.

According to the assessment, the bank holiday, which was added to the calendar to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, at best cost the UK economy £1.2 billion.

Using LeaveMaster’s powerful reporting tools, you can assess the impact that holidays and absences have on your organisation.

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In a blog post last week, we discussed how employers have been warned about employees taking unwarranted sickness absences during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

However, employers have additionally been warned that members of staff may also take sickies over the next three weeks in order to watch international football on TV.

The Euro 2012 football tournament starts on Friday 8 June and many matches kick off at 5pm, including England's opening game against France on Monday 11 June.

Employers have been informed that they may notice an increase in short-term absenteeism during the tournament, as a result of employees faking sickness absence in order to watch matches at home.

To avoid unauthorised absences and to minimise disruption during Euro 2012, employers have been encouraged to adopt a flexible approach to working hours and to consider letting staff take time off at short notice and allowing them to leave work early.

By using LeaveMaster in conjunction with the Bradford Factor, you can reduce the level of unwarranted sickness absence in your organisation at all times of the year.

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