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Using LeaveMaster, you can book and approve time off and keep track of who’s in and who’s out of the office, quickly, easily and efficiently. It gives everyone in your company access to a fast and fuss-free online system.

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According to an article  in HR Magazine, over two million British employees took a sick day following their office Christmas party in December 2008, at a cost to the UK economy of £216 million.

A third of the employees who called in sick were honest about the reason for their absence, while almost a quarter claimed they couldn’t come in because they were suffering from flu, with food poisoning and migraines amongst other popular excuses.

By creating a permanent, online record of sick leave for all members of staff, including their ongoing Bradford Factor score, LeaveMaster acts as a powerful deterrent against unwarranted absenteeism.

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It’s been revealed that social workers in Birmingham take an average of nearly twenty-five days off sick a year, the equivalent of almost five working weeks and almost three-and-a-half times the national average for all industries. Meanwhile, separate research has shown that 10% of national social workers take more than 20 days of sick leave per year.

As discussed in earlier blogs, the astute way to ensure that absenteeism doesn’t reach a critical level in your organisation is to implement a powerful leave and absence management solution, such as LeaveMaster.

LeaveMaster helps you tackle absenteeism by establishing an irrefutable record of sick leave for every employee and enabling you to identify costly absenteeism patterns and trends that you may otherwise have overlooked.

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According to a report  by recruitment outsourcing company Elemense, employees under 35 are twice as likely as their older colleagues to call in sick during the winter months.

However, employee absence rates are typically high across all age groups at this time of year, as staff call in sick with colds and flu or are discouraged from coming into work because of the cold weather, with the problem exacerbated this year by the severe weather conditions.

If your absence rates are unusually high during the winter months, with too many of your employees calling in sick, the cure could be to implement a leave and absence management solution like LeaveMaster.

By automatically calculating the ongoing Bradford Factor score for every employee in your organisation for you and showing you at a glance how many sick days each of your employees has had, LeaveMaster acts as a powerful deterrent to absenteeism and allows you to identify and take action against employees who have been taking too many “sickies”.

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New research has revealed that more than half of the sick days taken by UK employees every year are not legitimate.

A study   of almost two thousand UK employees found that when an employee calls in sick, they only believe they are physically unable to perform their work duties 46% of the time.

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We are pleased to begin the new year with the news that renowned Internet design galleries are now showcasing LeaveMaster’s innovative, cutting-edge designs.

You can currently view gallery shots of LeaveMaster at:


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Companies who still use a manual, paper-based system for booking and approving annual leave typically experience a similar set of problems and issues.

The most common problems associated with manual holiday booking systems are:
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In a post at the beginning of the month, we quoted an eye-opening statistic from a sickness management survey , which found that, presumably as a result of staff wishing to extend their New Year’s celebrations, nearly 5% of the UK’s employee population was off sick on the 3rd and 4th of January of last year.

As we approach the Christmas holiday season and the New Year’s celebrations that will follow, one of the advantages of implementing a leave management solution such as LeaveMaster in your organisation, is that it will enable you to spot unusual absenteeism patterns and trends such as this in your company.

If your office is to remain open over the Christmas period, you can also use LeaveMaster to get a clear and accurate picture of how many employees want to take time off or have already booked leave, so you can ensure you still keep a skeleton staff in place to respond to customer and supplier queries.

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To make the process of booking and authorising time off and managing all types of leave even more effortless using LeaveMaster, we’ve added role-sensitive menus to the application.

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A magazine poll has revealed that nearly two thirds of HR professionals approve of the EU Court of Justice ruling that will allow employees who fall sick while on annual leave to reschedule their holidays, even if this means carrying untaken holidays into the next year.

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Companies that now use LeaveMaster  to book and authorise their holidays have told us that when they were still using a paper-based system for booking and approving leave, holiday paperwork was all too frequently mislaid, which meant that staff holidays were not being accurately recorded and monitored. This led to differences of opinion on holiday booked and holiday owing between staff and managers and the danger of staff taking more time off than they were entitled to.
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UAV Engines Ltd, the world’s leading supplier of power units for unmanned air vehicles, has seen its productivity levels rise after it substantially reduced the amount of time its employees were spending on holiday administration. Rather than manually filling out holiday forms, employees at UAV’s facilities in Shenstone now request, and obtain authorisation for, their holidays, using LeaveMaster, a fast, automated online system; eliminating paperwork and freeing up both staff and managers to focus on improving the company’s bottom line.

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A sickness management survey has found that more than a third of all sick leave is taken on a Monday.

Conducted by Mercer, the survey also found that the highest amount of sick leave is taken in January, with nearly 5% of the total employee population off sick on the 3rd and 4th of January of last year.

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LeaveMaster’s  time and cost-saving features have been highlighted in an online article in hrmagazine.co.uk, the industry-leading, online point of reference for HR professionals.

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In yesterday’s blog, we discussed how using LeaveMaster, you can obtain authorisation for your holidays even if you’re based in an office that’s thousands of miles away from your line manager.

But did you know that you can use LeaveMaster to plan and book the holidays you wish to take next year or even the year after that?

LeaveMaster has a special feature that allows employees to book their leave years in advance. To find out more, call us on: 0800 33 456 30 and we’ll give you a demonstration.

With more and more companies operating globally out of multiple offices, and an increasing number of employees working remotely, it’s become increasingly common for a line manager to be based in a different office, country or even continent than the staff they manage.

But if the line manager’s organisation is still using a paper-based holiday booking system, this can make the process of requesting and obtaining authorisation for leave difficult and time-consuming.

One of the advantages of LeaveMaster, our powerful leave management solution, is that it’s web-based, so employees and line managers can log into the system and request and authorise holidays no matter where they are. So even if a line manager is thousands of miles away from an employee, assessing the employee’s leave request and either authorising or denying the leave, takes no more than a simple click of a button.

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When we designed and developed LeaveMaster, our time and cost-saving leave and absence management application, we wanted to make it as easy to use for administrators as it is for users.

So if you implement LeaveMaster  in your organisation, you’ll find it’s rich in features that make it as effortless to maintain and manage as it is to use for booking and authorising time off.
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Whenever a customer or a supplier calls your offices with an enquiry or a customer service issue, it is clearly imperative that they are promptly transferred to an appropriate member of staff so that their query can be answered quickly and efficiently.
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Despite encouraging signs of recovery, workforces are continuing to be cut and recruitment budgets slashed or frozen because of the economic downturn. As a result, more and more organisations are facing the challenge of trying to maintain, or even increase, their productivity levels with significantly less resources.
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Despite the widespread availability of online and web-based systems for recording and monitoring employee leave and absence, many organisations still require employees to fill out and file paperwork in order to request time off.
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The latest CIPD absence management survey contains some interesting statistics about  employee absence during the recession.

Nearly four in ten of the employers surveyed said that the economic downturn had increased their organisation’s focus on reducing absence levels and costs.
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