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Free up managers and staff

LeaveMaster substantially cuts the amount of time line managers and employees need to spend on holiday administration and paperwork, leaving them free to focus on their core activities and enhancing your bottom line.

Version 2.0Version 2.0

Taking time off takes no time, with LeaveMaster

LeaveMaster takes the fuss and time-consuming paperwork out of applying for, and authorising, any type of leave. It gives everyone in your company access to a fast, efficient, online system, which they can use no matter where they are, so booking and approving time off couldn’t be easier.

EmpolyeesSimple and easy to use for employees

  • Request annual leave and days in lieu quickly and easily online
  • View how many days’ holiday you’ve taken and how many days you have left
  • Find out who’s already booked time off
  • Obtain confirmation of approved leave via email
  • View the current status of your request and easily update or cancel leave
  • Carry untaken days over to the following year (if part of your company policy)

ManagersA powerful monitoring tool for managers

  • Record and monitor all types of leave, from holidays and training to sick days
  • Keep accurate, up-to-date records of who’s in, who’s away, who’s coming back and who’s always off sick
  • Approve or reject holiday requests at the click of a button
  • Minimise the impact of staff absence by seeing at a glance who’s going to be away and arranging cover
  • Cut down on wasted time, effort and paperwork and eliminate admin errors
  • Set a maximum number of days that can be carried into the next holiday year, according to your company policy
  • Establish a single, consistent system for applying for leave across your company

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14 Day Free Trial

14 Day Free Trial

See how easy it is to book and approve time off using LeaveMaster.

Case Studies

UAV Engines Ltd sped up and streamlined its leave management process by replacing its cumbersome, paper-based holiday booking system with LeaveMaster.

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In looking for a web-based leave management system to implement across the company, we chose LeaveMaster as it’s simple to set up and required very little user training, but is packed with time-saving features.

Nathan Bailey
Operations Manager - UAV Engines Ltd


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