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Just when you’re recovering from the problems of summer holiday leave management, along comes Christmas. Without wishing to sound like Ebenezer Scrooge, it’s not all happiness and joy when you’re trying to sort out a Christmas rota, and everyone wants the same days off.

This comical blog post from office space providers, Regus, highlights the issues heaped upon us during the festive season, from both sides of the commercial fence. Things like:


  • suppliers missing firm deadlines
  • customers ignoring your calls
  • staff taking liberties with time-keeping
  • sickness absence rising


So how do you solve a problem like Christmas leave?

One way is to adopt a firm holiday leave policy that is understood by all staff, and reinforce it with robust but flexible leave management software. This gives your managers the resources they need to keep the company running productively over the festive period, whilst offering staff access to their own leave management tools.

LeaveMaster is easy to set up, requires little training, and provides a good return on investment within a short time period. Its straightforward interface makes it simple and intuitive for anyone to use. Give us a call for more information, or let us take you on a customised tour of the software.

Employee ill-health is not all about reduced productivity and unmet targets. The emotional stress placed on managers and employers is significant, particularly for those with staff who have life-threatening or long-term conditions.

Research by Aviva in 2011 found that 19% of ill-health in the workplace was due to cancer, with 30% involving mental health issues, this article in HR Magazine has revealed. It has been said that ‘good’ decisions need to be made early if employers are to manage these problems effectively, but what exactly constitutes a ‘good’ decision?

You need a ‘coping structure’ in place

By this we mean the right technological infrastructure that shows you the detail of long-term absenteeism, whether the absence has been continuous over a significant period, or intermittent smaller ‘chunks’ of time.

It’s only being armed with this sort of information that ‘good’ and confident decisions can be made. Leave tracking is not the easiest task when you only have manual ledgers from which to draw vital information, or a basic spreadsheet which has finite value.

Leave tracking software

Adopting up-to-date systems that automatically track leave immediately relieves some of the pressure on managers, allowing them to help their employee in the most effective way. The emotional effects of managing people with serious illness are also lifted a little when decisions can be made based on reliable data.

LeaveMaster provides at-a-glance information that can be acted upon immediately, as well as a long-term view of individual absenteeism. Call us on 0800 334 5630 or download the white paper from our website.

London has the healthiest workers. So says this Health Map of the UK from PruHealth. Almost 10,000 employees across the UK were surveyed as to their lifestyle and behavioural choices including whether they smoked, how much exercise they took, and the quality of their diet.

The results reveal that London has the healthiest workforce, Northern Ireland being placed second in the poll, with the North West and East Anglia coming last. The purpose of publishing this information is to encourage employers to take the health of their workers seriously. It benefits all concerned – the health of the workforce obviously, but it also leads to greater productivity and growth for organisations.

This was confirmed by Head of Clinical Vitality of PruHealth, Dr Katie Tyron, who said,

“The combination of an ageing workforce and increasing sickness levels due to lifestyle-related illnesses, will directly impact the bottom line.”

How to monitor absenteeism

Monitoring the costs of ill-health is known to be difficult without dedicated software that tracks absence and the reasons for it. LeaveMaster is powerful leave management software that significantly cuts administrative costs and quickly provides a good return on investment.

Let us show you how it can improve productivity for your organisation. Book a personalised demonstration of this flexible software, and let onerous absenteeism administration be a thing of the past.

According to this article in Forbes, “Unhappy employees outnumber happy ones by two to one worldwide.” Some might regard this statistic as unsurprising, but the research by Gallup reveals a deep level of dissatisfaction among the global workforce.

This annual study carried out by Gallup found that 87% of workers polled were “emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less likely to be productive.” Managers can improve levels of this so-called ‘active disengagement’ by utilising better methods of communication, and a positive approach to boosting morale in the workplace.

Absenteeism and leave software

Just how this is achieved depends on the size of organisation and management structure within it, but one of the consequences of chronic discontent is usually absenteeism. Disruptive and difficult to manage, absenteeism is a vicious cycle. Disgruntled or disengaged staff take ‘sickie’ days, which then cause productivity problems and a lowering of morale across the entire workforce.

Problems like this can be overcome, however, using leave software that tracks employee absence and lets you know if a problem might be looming. Communication between staff and management is made easier when booking holiday leave, as the system lets managers quickly agree or deny leave requests.

To find out how LeaveMaster can help your business, book a tour of the software today.

In large organisations it can be difficult to maintain internal data integrity, especially if multiple levels of management have access to a single piece of software. This is particularly so when sensitive information is accessed and updated by a number of people on a daily basis, for example with Web-based Leave Management software.

LeaveMaster solves this problem by incorporating role-sensitive menus and permission-based views into the software – a simple solution that prevents delicate information falling into the wrong hands.

Whether it is data to be used in connection with an upcoming employment tribunal, or extending holiday leave for a particular department, we make sure that it is only accessible by people with permission.

Sensitive data is protected

Employees logging in to the software have a simple, uncluttered screen from which to send their leave requests. They only see the tools they need and aren’t able to access sensitive business information.

In the same way, various levels of management only gain access to the areas they have permission to view. If you need it, we can help you set up the system according to your specific business needs.

To find out more about this state-of-the-art Web-based Leave Management software, call our experienced team on 0800 334 5630 or download the white paper from our website.

The festive season can be anything but jolly if managers are struggling to allocate employee leave on a fair basis. The difficulties of managing multiple holiday leave requests at Christmas have been well documented, but as this good advice from the Monster website suggests, part of the solution is down to planning well in advance.

The problem is exacerbated when companies don’t use the right software. What’s needed is a simple-to-use system that provides an ongoing clear view to managers of departmental staffing levels.

Cut administrative costs

LeaveMaster lets you deal with employee leave efficiently. It cuts down on administrative costs, and you’ll certainly notice the difference if you’ve been using manual or spreadsheet-based systems up until now.

LeaveMaster is a flexible, robust solution that smoothes out the problem of multiple holiday requests at this busy time of year. The easy-to-use interface means that minimal training is required. It’s straightforward to set up employee leave allocations, meaning you’ll be up-and-running in no time.

Let us show you how to incorporate LeaveMaster into your organisation. Take a personalised tour of the software to see how easy it is to use, or download the white paper that’s available on our website.

Digital media organisation, Captivate, reports that workforce productivity during summertime can decrease by around 20%, with attendance dropping by around 19%.

These figures reveal an urgent need to manage the problem of summer holiday leave, which is a delicate subject in many organisations, largely because it causes upset and low morale if not managed effectively.

As the International Business Times points out, it’s not just parents who want holiday leave in July and August. Other workers are equally entitled to time off during the peak holiday season, but it can be very difficult to accommodate everyone’s wishes.

What is needed is a reliable method of dealing with holiday administration that tracks summer leave requests, and provides at-a-glance information that managers can act upon with confidence.

Robust and easy-to-use

Keeping track of leave requests is difficult, particularly using outdated manual methods or spreadsheets. LeaveMaster leave management software puts you back in control of summer holiday administration, and allows managers to control workforce productivity with ease.

To find out more about how LeaveMaster can make a difference in your company, simply call 0800 334 5630 to arrange a personalised demonstration of the software.

It has long been suggested that flexible working is the key to reduced absenteeism and improved workforce productivity. And not only flexible hours – location-independent working has also been attributed to increased staff morale in research carried out by business workspace provider, Regus.

Their poll of over 2,000 business owners and senior managers found that 90% thought flexible working options offered staff a better work/life balance, and led to increased productivity levels.

New flexible working legislation

Lower operational costs and an energised workforce serve to make this an attractive proposition for many employers. With new legislation allowing all employees with 26 weeks continuous employment behind them to request flexible working options, it’s not something that’s going to go away. So why not provide your managers with the tools they need to manage flexible working and associated leave and absence issues.

Track the progress of your flexible working policy using LeaveMaster - robust and flexible leave software that keeps you on top of administrative costs, helps managers deal with increasingly burdensome legislation, and puts you back in control.

To find out more, just download our white paper or call 0800 334 5630 for a guided tour of the software.

Companies that hire different categories of staff need to find foolproof ways to manage potentially complicated employee leave. Otherwise it’s easy for managers to become overwhelmed with leave requests from full-time staff, part-time workers and freelancers, being unsure whether individual leave allocation has been exceeded.

Using LeaveMaster, leave tracking couldn’t be simpler. It’s tailored to your business with the full range of employee ‘types’ available to categorise, making it a simple process to ensure nobody takes more time off than they should.

Various leave types are also easy to input

Without this type of software it’s difficult to manage complicated holiday leave effectively. You can pre-set the number of annual days’ holiday for each employee-type; even each leave-type, for example paternity leave, bereavement leave or the number of training days allocated to full-time, part-time staff and freelancers.

LeaveMaster is easy to set up and requires very little training, so you can start to reap the benefits straight away. Input your employee categories, allocate their days off, and regain control of administrative costs.

Make leave tracking easy – call us today to arrange a demonstration of the software, or download the white paper from our website.

According to ACAS, 9 out of 10 employers regard the use of triggers as being very or fairly successful in managing absenteeism in their workplace.

But what exactly are triggers, and how do they help?

Triggers can be set up as part of an absence management policy, and during long-term absence for instance, would let managers know when it is time to take a certain action.

This might be:


  • making contact with an absent employee
  • requesting medical certificates
  • organising a medical assessment
  • advising when a period of Statutory Sick Pay will run out


Triggers are also useful for managing short-term absenteeism. The Bradford Factor trigger points can be used to reveal frequent short-term absences which are disruptive to productivity, and disproportionately costly to manage.

Patterns of non-legitimate ‘sickie’ days are notoriously difficult to spot using manual or spreadsheet-based systems, but it’s important to highlight them as they are one of the biggest drains on workforce productivity and morale.

Triggers are easily set up within LeaveMaster. The Bradford Factor is calculated automatically, reducing the number of errors and saving time. Take a look at our website, or book a leave software demonstration.

Research by UK think-tank Demos has revealed that over 50% of employees asked, held unrealistic pay expectations in the event of long-term illness. These employees mistakenly believed they would receive full pay for at least three months, whereas the legal obligation for payment of Statutory Sick Pay is a maximum of six months.

More than 2,000 workers took part in the survey, which also found that 20% of respondents thought they could rely on government benefits during a period of long-term absence.

From an employer’s point-of-view, the steep and sudden increase in the cost of absenteeism due to long-term illness can be controlled by:


  • introducing a formal health and wellness programme
  • regularly communicating to staff the features and benefits of the programme
  • offering enhanced sick pay, which could also help to reduce staff turnover
  • monitoring the overall cost of absence using reliable leave software


We offer robust and flexible Web-based Leave Management software that puts you back in control of absenteeism. It’s easy to set up, and with minimal training you’ll be able to start saving money straight away.

Let us show you the significant benefits of LeaveMaster. Call 0800 334 5630 to arrange your own personalised demonstration of the software, or download the white paper for more information.

Employing an older workforce has rarely been an option in the past, but removal of the Default Retirement Age has allowed employees to continue working later in life. The DRA was introduced in 2006 and meant that employers could force their staff to retire at the age of 65.

Employees could request an extension to this age limit, but the employer was under no obligation to do so. The average age of a typical workforce has increased as a consequence, which has organisational benefits and drawbacks.



  • Greater retained knowledge and experience
  • Stability among a younger workforce
  • Older workers tend to be more loyal
  • In-house mentoring of younger members of staff




  • Potential for increased absenteeism and associated costs
  • Greater requirement for health provision and benefits within the organisation
  • Problems in managing absence effectively


Under different circumstances, the older members of your workforce may have chosen to retire, but absenteeism among this group need not be a problem if you use the right leave software.

LeaveMaster controls the costs of absenteeism by providing a detailed overview of sickness absence within your company. It allows you to take action quickly to reverse the financial effect of prolonged absences, and helps to manage the productivity drain of frequent unwarranted sick days.

The TUC’s ‘Work and Wellbeing Report 2013’ highlights the tangible problem of workplace-related ill-health. It’s an issue that cannot be ignored as businesses struggle to keep down costs in an ever-changing economy.

The report also states that 4 million days are lost as a result of injuries suffered in the workplace.

So what can be done to reduce these 23 million lost days of production?

Here are a few ideas that are easy to implement and could prove cost-effective in the long-run:

  • Offering subsidised, healthy meals in the canteen
  • Making sure that workers take a proper break at lunchtime, away from their desks
  • Developing links with local gyms in order to offer reduced-price membership to staff
  • Providing health and wellness advice in the workplace
  • Offering on-site exercise classes, or relaxation/meditation sessions

Prevention is better than cure, and any one of these measures would reduce the drain of workplace sickness.

Monitoring sickness absence can significantly reduce profit levels in an organisation, particularly if out-dated manual systems are used. LeaveMaster puts you back in control of absence management costs and makes it easy to track improvements in workplace health.

To find out more about how LeaveMaster can help, take a tour of the software on our website, or book a personalised demonstration.

Adopting a formal compassionate leave policy offers reassurance to staff that their needs will be met at a difficult time, which in turn increases employee respect and loyalty. Current legislation is lacking, however, because there is no obligation for employers to offer time off to grieve.

In theory then, staff could be forced to attend work the day after a funeral, and could even be disciplined if they take unauthorised time off. They would either have to request annual leave, or ask their doctor to sign them off for a while to help them cope with their bereavement.

Considerations when formulating a compassionate leave policy would include:

  • The number of days off allowed
  • Whether compassionate leave would be paid
  • The circumstances in which this type of leave would be offered
  • Whether access to counselling might be included

LeaveMaster is the best way to manage absence of all types, including compassionate leave, and can significantly cut absence management costs.

Let us show you how easy it is to set up and use – call us on 0800 334 5630 to arrange a demonstration of the software customised to your business.

What value can be put on fast, efficient customer service? Research by Oracle found that 81% of customers surveyed would definitely pay more to get better service, with almost half of that number willing to pay as much as 5% extra.

So when a customer phones with a query or complaint, it is vital that everyone answering external calls has access to up-to-date information about who is in the building and who is not. This makes it easier to deal with customers quickly and efficiently, rather than transferring them to various members of staff in an effort to find someone who can help.

Word soon spreads about companies providing flawless customer service time after time, mainly because it is so rare these days, and it’s really not difficult to offer once you have the right system in place.

State-of-the-art technology

LeaveMaster provides up-to-date information on who is available to deal with queries and complaints, so customers are put straight through in a matter of seconds. And it’s not just customers who benefit. Suppliers will have more confidence in a slick, efficient operation like this, with enhanced business relationships being advantageous for both parties.

Let LeaveMaster boost your reputation and help you attract more custom. Download the white paper from our website, or take a personalised tour of the software today.

The Bradford Factor is a human resource tool that helps prevent the disruption caused by short term sickness. It can be used to support disciplinary action taken against employees, but all too often when calculated manually, the data is unreliable.

Manually calculating the Bradford Factor is fraught with problems. The chances of human error naturally come into play, and in a large organisation there is a significant time loss issue. Although better than manual calculations, spreadsheets have their own limitations – it’s easy to make mistakes with formulas, and general data input is still open to human error.

What’s needed is a foolproof method of automated calculation providing data that can be used with confidence, allowing businesses to take control of persistent absenteeism.

LeaveMaster calculates Bradford Factor scores in a matter of seconds, helping managers to tackle unwarranted absences in two ways:

  • by acting as a deterrent against employees taking ‘sickies’
  • by providing indisputable information on an individual’s sickness record if disciplinary action is necessary

Take a look at our website for more information, or book a personalised demonstration of the software to see how it can help you tackle human resource issues with confidence.

At certain times of the year, managers can struggle to cope with the sheer volume of leave requests they receive. Part of the problem is the lack of an overall view of departmental staffing levels and existing leave requests.

Mistakes in granting leave can be costly to productivity and team morale if members of staff are expected to cover for colleagues in addition to doing their own job, and this has a tangible knock-on effect to end-of-year profit levels.

Take full advantage of new technology

Wall planners, year-to-view calendars or spreadsheets are rather out-dated, inefficient methods of dealing with leave requests. It just takes a single error in recording leave to have a negative effect on productivity or customer service, potentially attracting complaints and harming business reputation.

The calendar facility within LeaveMaster makes it easy to see who has already booked leave. Managers can make at-a-glance, quick and educated decisions on whether to grant leave requests or not. Operational efficiency isn’t compromised, even in the height of summer.

To find out more, book a tour of this powerful but easy-to-use software. Call 0800 334 5630 or book a customised demonstration via the website.

A formal health and wellness programme could be all that’s needed to improve the level of sickness absence in your organisation. If you’re wondering where to start, take a look at Britain’s Healthiest Company. Businesses with more than 50 members of staff can take part in this programme, with the closing date for registration being 31st March each year.

Now in its second year, it’s not so much a competition as a way to help organisations encourage a healthier lifestyle among their staff. PruHealth provides the metrics to calculate each employee’s ‘Vitality Age’ and any associated health risks.

Corporate Health Report

Each business taking part in Britain’s Healthiest Company receives a Corporate Health Report, which serves several purposes:

  • an overall view of workforce health is provided
  • recommendations for tackling health problems are included in the report
  • the information helps managers and executives to control the costs of absenteeism

This type of data is only useful if analysed and processed in the right way, however, and that’s where we come in. LeaveMaster lets you see the ongoing picture of absenteeism in your organisation. You get a 360° view of the entire company, as well as departmental and individual employee information.

Download the white paper from our website, or book a demonstration of the software to find out more.

According to Right Management’s Flux Report, 60% of HR leaders and line managers asked, saw employee health and wellness as a business investment rather than a staff perk. They also believed that strategic goals became more attainable with a healthy workforce.

In the report, 72% of line managers thought their organisation could be more proactive in helping staff to deal with stress, so what are some of the benefits you might see by adopting a formal health and wellness policy?

  • Reduced absenteeism and associated costs
  • Higher staff retention rates
  • A motivated workforce
  • Increased productivity

A global wellness survey conducted by Xerox, found that 43% of businesses managed to create a distinct brand identity for their workforce wellness programmes, with more than half offering reductions on health insurance premiums.

This type of incentive sends out a positive message to staff, and is widely seen as a long-term business investment that can significantly reduce the costs of absenteeism.

Cutting-edge software used in conjunction with a programme such as this is a powerful combination. LeaveMaster is a flexible web-based system that gives you back control of absenteeism and attendance, providing accurate, up-to-date information on each employee.

Take a tour of the software or book a personalised demonstration by calling 0800 334 5630.

According to Pay and Benefits Magazine, research by Canada Life Group Insurance found that open-plan workplaces can have a detrimental effect on the health and wellbeing of a workforce. The likelihood of illness spreading is increased, as is the risk of a drop in productivity.

In closed offices infections are more contained, although there will always be a risk of passing on illness to a colleague.

Canada Life’s managing director believes that organisations could solve this problem by putting advances in technology to better use, offering work-from-home options to employees where possible.

With technology still in mind, organisations can also reduce the cost of sickness and absenteeism by adopting up-to-date administrative systems to better manage the problem.

LeaveMaster fits the bill for this perfectly, providing a comprehensive and flexible solution for the easy management of leave and absence. You can see exactly who is in and who is not, using reliable data to monitor individual sick leave.

Each employee’s Bradford Factor score is incorporated into the software, making it easier to take formal action where necessary.

Download a brochure or white paper from our website for more information, or book a software demonstration that is tailored to your business.