Manage leave requests quickly and accurately

LeaveMaster accelerates your holiday booking process and enables you to quickly and accurately record and monitor all types of leave, including holidays, sick days, training days and days taken in lieu.

Version 2.0Version 2.0

Packed with time and cost-saving features

LeaveMaster is rich in features that enable you to take the time, fuss, paperwork and guesswork out of the process of asking for and authorising time off and monitoring and recording all types of employee leave and absence.

Easy to use

  • Web-based system: no paperwork and a simple user interface
  • Role sensitive menus: users can only see the features they are allowed to use
  • Planer view showing you at a glance who is in and who is out at any given time
  • Calendar view
  • Multiple calendar view
  • Personal leave summary page
  • Simple request form
  • View status of leave request after applying
  • View “who is off today” information

Streamlines Leave Management

  • Manage and monitor all forms of employee leave and absence, including holidays, training days, sick days and days taken in lieu
  • Set unlimited leave types
  • See who else has applied for time off during a requested leave period before approving a holiday request
  • Approve and reject leave at the click of a button
  • Set the number of untaken leave days that may carried over to the next year
  • Friday policy feature; for companies with complex Friday policies
  • User level leave configuration
  • Earned leave calculation
  • Account close feature

Improves Absence Management

  • Keep accurate, up-to-the-minute records of sick leave for all employees
  • Track employee absence in real time
  • Identify employees who habitually take unwarranted sick days
  • Access irrefutable absence data for disciplinary hearings
  • Create absenteeism reports that highlight patterns and trends across your organisation
  • Notification of sickness feature
  • Return to work questionnaire
  • Return to work notification feature

Automatically Calculates The Bradford Factor

  • Automatically calculates and updates an employee’s Bradford Factor score whenever they call in sick
  • Shows you at a glance each employee’s up-to-date Bradford Factor score
  • Intuitively takes into account non-working days such as weekends and bank holidays
  • Enables employees to keep track of their latest score
  • Allows you to warn staff who are about to exceed their limit

Effortless to Use For Systems Administrators

  • Web-based, so easy to implement
  • Easily manage different leave types
  • Easily manage different departments
  • Automatically manage carry-over policies
  • When active directory authentication is enabled, users are automatically added to the system
  • Year end task processing
  • Escalation notifications
  • Apply for Office assistance on behalf of other employees
  • Bulk email user log in details

Enhances Productivity

  • Receive notifications of leave requests and authorisation via email
  • Send leave and absence reports via email
  • Receive scheduled reports via email
  • Receive a scheduled email report of employee clocked-in times


  • Multiple working shift
  • User level shift management
  • Email template
  • Role-based permissions
  • Ability to book leave years in advance
  • Customisable workflow
whats new

What’s new in LeaveMaster 2.0?

To make booking, recording and managing all types of leave and absence even quicker and easier, we’ve enhanced LeaveMaster with powerful new features and functionality.

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Bradford Factor

Bradford factor report

The Bradford Factor is a unique formula that enables you to identify employees whose “little and often” absences are damaging your business.

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In looking for a web-based leave management system to implement across the company, we chose LeaveMaster as it’s simple to set up and required very little user training, but is packed with time-saving features.

Nathan Bailey
Operations Manager - UAV Engines Ltd


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