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By allowing teams and departments to share leave calendars, LeaveMaster facilitates meeting requests and encourages collaboration across your organisation.

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Case Studies

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The Revival Company reduces holiday admin and tackles absenteeism using LeaveMaster

The Revival Company wanted to speed up its holiday booking process and keep more accurate records of leave and absence at its Head Office in Oxford. It implemented LeaveMaster and Head Office staff are now making and processing leave requests using a fast, efficient online system and spending substantially less time on holiday administration. The Revival Company’s managers have also been given a powerful tool for tackling absenteeism.

About The Revival Company

Revival LogoThe Revival Company has been at the forefront of the fire and flood restoration industry for more than 25 years, growing from a family business into a nationwide enterprise that has 16 branches and works with some of the world's leading insurers to handle their comers' claims. You can find out more at: www.revivalco.co.uk. www.revivalco.co.uk.

Engine Supplier Speeds Up Holiday Booking Process and Eliminates Paperwork By Implementing LeaveMaster

UAV Engines Ltd (UEL) wanted to speed up and streamline its leave management process by replacing its cumbersome, paper-based holiday booking system with a fast, automated online system. It implemented LeaveMaster and staff holidays at UEL are now being processed quickly, accurately and efficiently.

About UAV Engines Ltd

UAV Engine LogoUAV Engines Limited (UEL) is dedicated to the design, development and production of Wankel-type engines for the propulsion of small and medium-sized Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs). The technology is based upon the rotary engine Research and Development work carried out by Norton Motors Ltd from 1969 to 1992. UEL purchased exclusive world-wide Rights to use this patented technology for application to the unmanned air vehicle market and since 1992 has continued to develop the technology to a fully-productionised and highly reliable state.

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In looking for a web-based leave management system to implement across the company, we chose LeaveMaster as it’s simple to set up and required very little user training, but is packed with time-saving features.

Nathan Bailey
Operations Manager - UAV Engines Ltd


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