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LeaveMaster enables you to efficiently manage your resources throughout the year and ensure key personnel don’t book holidays at the same time, so you can maintain high levels of productivity and customer service.

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The Revival Company, United Kingdom

Before we implemented LeaveMaster, employees at our Head Office and local branch in Oxford manually requested leave by filling out a holiday request form and all staff holidays were recorded on an Excel spreadsheet.

But using this paper-based system, it took staff too long to make and process holiday requests and paperwork was often mislaid. Staff would sometimes also make incorrect calculations on their holiday forms, which would have to be corrected by a line manager.

We decided to implement an online leave and absence management system so that we could keep an accurate record of holidays and sick leave and save time processing leave requests. We saw LeaveMaster and felt that it offered exactly what we were looking for.

The staff have found the system very easy to use. They needed very little training as LeaveMaster is so user friendly and we are all now spending significantly less time on holiday administration. Employees are saving time as they no longer have to manually fill in holiday request forms and we are saving paper. It is also useful being able to cross-reference who is going to be away at the same time.

By letting employees know about LeaveMaster and how we are using it, we additionally hope to minimise the amount of unwarranted sick leave taken by staff. Employees are aware that we are now closely monitoring attendance and we believe this will act as a deterrent to absence.

Jim Herrington,
Director of Operations, The Revival Company (UK) Ltd

UAV Engines Ltd, United Kingdom

UAV wanted to introduce an online system for booking holidays and recording staff leave as our old paper-based system was too time-consuming to operate. Managers and staff were wasting time filling out and processing forms and it was getting difficult to keep track of how many days’ holiday employees had taken. There was also a constant danger that holiday forms would be mislaid.

In looking for a web-based leave management system to implement across the company, we chose LeaveMaster as it’s simple to set up and required very little user training, but is packed with time-saving features, such as the instant calendar view and the employee holiday summaries.

Using LeaveMaster, our employees have felt empowered as they have been able to plan and book their holidays using an automated system, while our managers have been freed from paperwork and have been able to view accurate, up-to-date records of who is going to be in and out of the office on any given day before approving leave."

Nathan Bailey,
Operations Manager - UAV Engines Ltd

Agnice Fire Protection Ltd

“We custom-design, engineer and install fire protection and alarm systems across India and in order to consistently deliver a world-class service to our clients, it is essential that we maintain a full and productive workforce. If employees were to take unwarranted days off and leave us under capacity, it would be extremely detrimental to productivity and affect the morale of staff who would have to cover the work of their absent colleagues.

Systems Valley’s leave management application LeaveMaster has been a critical tool in helping Agnice Fire Protection avoid absenteeism. The fact that a permanent online record is kept of any form of absence acts as a natural deterrent to absenteeism, while thanks to the at-a-glance summaries of employees’ absence records, our managers would easily be able to see if any employees were to take unwarranted sick days.

Using LeaveMaster's analysis and reporting features, we've also been able to view and monitor leave patterns and trends and ensure we aren't experiencing absenteeism problems on any particular days of the week or at particular times of the year.”

Suhail Ameer
Director - Agnice Fire Protection Ltd


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UAV Engines Ltd sped up and streamlined its leave management process by replacing its cumbersome, paper-based holiday booking system with LeaveMaster.

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In looking for a web-based leave management system to implement across the company, we chose LeaveMaster as it’s simple to set up and required very little user training, but is packed with time-saving features.

Nathan Bailey
Operations Manager - UAV Engines Ltd


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